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 Welcome to Kerala’s premier  training center and  unisex gym in kochi, where fitness meets excellence. Our state-of-the-art facility offers top-notch equipment, personalized training programs, and expert guidance from certified instructors. 

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About us

GenFit, a leading fitness company and best gym in Kochi, was established in 2010.With a vision to revolutionise the fitness industry in Kerala, GenFit has grown to become a trusted name in wellness. Over the years, our team of 20 dedicated trainers has helped shape the lives of over 500 clients,by offering excellent fitness solutions.


Our Training Programs

Boxing class-fitness center in Kochi

Boxing Classes

Get ready to sweat it out and boost your cardio with our high-energy boxing classes. Take part in a dynamic workout led by our knowledgeable trainers, which will stimulate and empower you. All skill levels, from newbies to seasoned enthusiasts, can take advantage of and enjoy these exciting events thanks to our inclusive approach.

Kickboxing -fitness center in Kochi

kick boxing

where dynamic exercise experiences unlike any other are promised throughout high-intensity workouts. Engage in exercises that will not only provide you more energy and endurance but also improve important self-defense abilities. Our programs offer a special fusion of empowerment and physical fitness, guaranteeing that you will leave each session feeling more mentally and physically well. With our Kickboxing Class, you may advance your fitness journey and adopt a comprehensive approach to wellness and health.

MMA class in Kochi

MMA Classes

Experience the ultimate full-body workout with our mixed martial arts classes at fitness center in Kochi. Improve your strength, flexibility, Whether you're a novice eager to explore the world of martial arts or a seasoned fighter looking to refine your technique, our expert instructors are dedicated to guiding you on your journey towards mastery.

Weight loss -fitness center in Kochi

Weight loss program

Here, we provide specialized fitness routines and food plans that are meant to accelerate your results. We go above and beyond the conventional methods by sending you weekly progress reports to keep you inspired as you work toward becoming a healthier version of yourself. Together, we will help you reach your weight loss objectives with a program designed to meet your specific requirements.

Resistance training-fitness center in Kochi

Resistance Training

With our resistance training, you can gain muscle, strengthen your muscles, and enhance your fitness. It involves using resistance to work muscles. Examples of resistance include weights, bands, and your own body weight against gravity. The benefits of training extend beyond improved physical performance to general health.

CrossFit training-fitness center in Kochi

Crossfit training

With our specialized training services, you may reach your maximum potential and start a life-changing CrossFit journey in Kochi. You'll receive personalized nutrition advice as part of the all-inclusive plan to enhance your workouts and maximize your outcomes. This comprehensive plan guarantees that you will not only meet your fitness objectives but also take up a long-term, healthful lifestyle.

Why Choose Us



Why choose us

Our Trainers

Our trainers-Liam strong

Liam Strong

A senior-level boxer with several years of experience as a professional. He has years of ring experience and a solid track record that will help you improve your boxing technique and fitness. Prepare to increase your strength, quickness, and unwavering confidence.

Our trainers-Marcus powerhouse

Marcus Powerhouse

Is a highly knowledgeable and skilled fitness specialist. He is one of the best-certified fitness trainers in India, and he combines each training session with a special mix of enthusiasm, commitment, and ability.

Our trainers-Jackson Fitwell

Jackson Fitwell

Is your guide to a complete body makeover, not simply a personal fitness trainer. With years of expertise as a licensed professional in martial arts, he blends intense exercises with combat-inspired drills to make you well-conditioned and prepared for any situation.

Our trainers-Emily irons

Emily Irons

A qualified nutritionist and fitness coach, she promotes healthy practices and body positivity in addition to self-love. She creates training plans that are easy to follow and can be customized to match a range of fitness levels, making fitness a journey that anybody can take.

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Our Happy Clients

Over time, I’ve tried joining several gyms, but none seemed to stick. So, when my children suggested I start a fitness program, I decided to go with Genfit . Genfit evaluated my situation and tailored a program specifically for my age and abilities. However, I soon realized it wouldn’t be easy to stick to due to my frequent trave

happy clients-Martin Smith

Martin Smith

I’ve been participating in the weight loss program for four months now, and I’m thrilled with my progress. I’ve shed 5 kilograms since starting, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve already renewed my membership and will certainly recommend this gym to anyone seeking a welcoming and results-driven environment.

happy clients-shelly brans

Shelly Barns

I’ve been a member of Genfit for over a year now, and currently, Trainers are incredibly supportive and does a great job keeping me motivated, I used to dread going to the gym because of my self-consciousness and lack of knowledge about the equipment. Now, I feel fitter, healthier, and stronger than ever before.”

Happy clients-jacob luke

Jacob Luke

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